6 Tips On Working From Home

6 Tips On Working From Home


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Due to our increasingly connected world, it’s becoming easier and easier to work from home. Have you ever thought about working from home? Its much easier than you think but takes a lot of patience and commitment. Her are just some basic tips for you guys and gals that already work from or thinking about it.

1. Figure Out Your Best Working Time

For Me,it’s all about late-night work sessions. “I find the evenings a bit of a quiet time to multi task and get through a number of things on my to do list. I have 2 active daughters 7 and 1 and after getting them settled, Late nights is my only source of sanity and my time to let all my juices flow.

2. Eliminate Clutter

Remember in high school or college when you’d clean your room before sitting down to study for exams or write a paper? The same principle applies here. This is your area/your time. Make the most of it.

3. Maximize Your Uninterrupted Time

Invest in your time in something that furthers your own brand, your own voice, your own business. “For me that is usually my blog and investing in some time to truly tend to it and write a good post and share it out. Usually an hour for writing, perfecting and sharing with the additional 30 minutes for picture taking.” Be realistic with yourself about how much time things take and plan accordingly throughout the week. Get rid of distractions by putting your phone in airplane mode, Forget Social Media, Forget Facebook or Instagram while you are in your work zone.

4. Prioritize

Create a checklist for yourself. Buy yourself a planner and block out you some times. I work a coporate 9 to 5(not fully working from home just yet but i have spoken it in existences and its coming), so Sundays is when i mark time to complete my planner.

5. Always Be Learning

I am always reading and researching on my personal development. It is a must to stay motivated throughout your business.

6. Clock It

Use timers and alarms to keep you on schedule for meetings, work projects, email time, or phone calls.


Simple tips to make your work life easier. What do you do to prioritize? Comment below

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