90’s Male Group Spotlight-Silk

90’s Male Group Spotlight-Silk

Silk is a highly celebrated, R&B quintet who has sold over 5 million records. They are best known for their hit single “Freak Me” and “Meeting In My Bedroom” Just one of many of my favorite songs. The best part is they still comprises the original members, Timzo(Timothy Cameron),Jim(Jimmy Gates,Jr)BigG(Gary Glenn),John John(Johnathen Rasboro) and my favorite Lil G(Gary Jenkins). Popular for many baby-making ballads and heart felt lyrics made for new and old lovers.

Discovered by Keith Sweat, singles such as Lose Control, I Can Go Deep, Girl U For Me helped this awesome group reach double platinum. 90’s was the best   era of music and these guys just made it even better. Here Are Some Great moments that just make these guys beyond handsome and talented.

They will never get old(LOL) and will forever be in my CD player. Better yet since we are in such a technology era, My Spotify stays played on them.

Here Are My Top Songs


I Wonder (mostly cause I LOVE LIL G’S PART)

Don’t Go To Bed Mad

What Kind Of Love Is This

Don’t Rush

Because Of Your Love

Ebony Eyes

Girl U For Me

Meeting In My Bedroom

Baby Suit(Off Their Newest Album)

Quiet Storm

I Love You

Baby Maker

Most who know me(My Bestie Fa Show)knows that I am a die  heart fan(seriously) and although having following for many years, I never got a chance to actually see them perform in person. Until, last year 2016 where me and my bestie drove 6 hours just to see them in action. I have to say it was the BEST experience ever. I literally cried. A Month later GOD must have really loved me—They came to Truth Night Club In Dallas and of course me and my girls were not missing that performance at all. This time I got up close and personal and it was the best experience EVER! I MEAN EVER!!!!

Okay Not The Best Picture-But They Still Looked Good
Me And Zo(So handsome and goofy)
My Boo Lil G Emerges
Me and Jimmy
Me and John John(So Handsome)
And There Is John-John Again
Jimmy Singing Hard-Sorry So Blurry-He was Moving..LOL

Now ladies i have to take a quick pause here and explain this picture and this man(Whooo Weee-This man)So do any of you have that # 1 celebrity  that you  follow? I mean a true-to-heart # 1 fan–Meaning you know pretty much everything about them, including their full name first middle and last(lol) Well that’s ME!! If anyone challenges me you will not win when it comes to this very talented man. I was soooooo nervous after the concert when they did a meet-n-greet. I ran into a good friend who was very close them so meeting them came easy..just a little bit. I almost wanted to cry. I was face to face with someone i thought i would never see in my lifetime but it happened and now i’m hooked. He was so humble and goofy as i imagined him to be.

Here We Are Again(I had To..LOL)

We Birthday Buddies-January Rocks!

I will never forget that night and it will not be the last time i meet them as well. Me and My Bestie Plan to be at one of their shows in Atlanta in June. SEE YOU SOON!

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