HELLO LOVELIES! I hope your week has been awesome so far! As for me, I am a little bit under the weather but i haven't fallen out yet..LOL. This past week i had the privilege to cover my very first Fashion Show! I was very nervous and learned a lot of things. I now know i need a better camera--Any suggestions? I was very nervous--Did i say that already?

DFW Teen Fashion Week was held Oct. 8th at Lofty Spaces in Dallas, TX. It was not my first time here, Lofty Spaces is known for having multiple Fashion Shows for many local models and model agencies/companies. It is the perfect size and a great atmosphere. DFW Teen Fashion Week was actually a 3 day event but i was only able to attend the Fashion show part; which was the last event of the agenda. ICONIQ Teen Modeling Agceny is based in Dallas, Tx and is a fresh & new modeling agency for TEENS ages 13-18. This season of DFW Teen Fashion Week introduced Future Faces Of Fashion that consisted of kids ages from 3 to 12 years of age. Let me just say that these kids worked the runway! It was the cutest thing ever! My daughter Shariah Bolden also got a chance to grace the runway as well.

Before the event started at 6pm there was a Red Carpet Event of the FFOF, Teens, and Designers. Their were other media professionals there as well. I have to say this was my first event with them and it was rather interesting. Check Out The FFOF and other models that graced the stage of this Epic Fashion Show.


Weren't They Just Amazing! Here are a few more highlights of the show!


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Due to technical difficulties i was not able to get my baby walking down the runway, but a friend of mine, The Fashion Fold, helped me out! Check her out and some of the other FFOF models.


Fashion is always fun and can be quite competitive. I like the fact that they allow the children to be children but still en still a little organization and direction. Life is not always sad and through Fashion some of the designers young and older expressed that thorough some of their lines. Some of the Fashion Designers that were there was Daysia Daysies,  A young Designer out of the DFW area, If you see the photos above of the runway she was the ones with the flowers and daisy's. Her outfits were very cute and chic.

If are in the DFW area please find these designers! They are very talented. I am currently self teaching myself to sew and trying to put it all together but whoooooo---No one told me it would be so hard and frustrating. Anyway, Check out some of the designers below.











































Did i mention Lady J, from K104 was the host, She was absolutely amazing as always and not my first time meeting her. She is an on-air personality, Entrepreneur, and a Philanthropist in the DFW area. Who've heard her in the mornings with Dede In The Morning with Dede, Micheal Shawn and White Gary. They have my stomach hurting in the mornings on the way to work. Here is a snippet of me and Lady Jade. Ain't We Cute!

Goofy Pose


Here are a few more highlights of the Fashion Show. I believe i went into picture overload but i did not want to miss not ONE thing! And please don't judge me-These pics were taking from my phone and it does not have the best camera. I am team android but every time i see an IPHONE pic i'm like...Should i switch?!

That was a lot wasn't it. Are you tired of reading yet? I'm sorry but this was a big event and i just know you loved all the pictures. In conclusion, If you have a young teen ages 13 and over and you are looking to get a jump start in the Modeling world then ICONIQ Teen Model Agency in Dallas, TX is your place to be. The show overall was a little lengthy and at first ran into some bumps, but that was normal for a large production such as theirs. I can't wait for season 4! So you momma's and daddies better get on it!

Please note all written is my own opinion and that ICONIQ Teen/DFW Teen Fashion Week had no input in writing this piece.

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