Don’t Knock My Hustle

Don’t Knock My Hustle

Hello Lovelies!

How is your mid-week so far? A little bug has been biting away in my pretty little insides and I just to speak on it. Home based businesses are a 427 billion dollar industry and been around for decades. This thing we call “work from home” is nothing brand new. Being said that, Don’t knock someone else’s hustle just because you are uneducated on what it is that they do. With any investment you have to do your research and do your “due diligence” to see if what that person has to offer is right for you.

“This Is A SCAM!”

SO let start off by saying I am VERY sick of hearing this! Yes there are tons of SCAMS are there online and off but not every work from home or home based business is a scam. Trust me I’ve been a victim to some and I’ve learned a valuable lesson that will take you a long way, DO YOUR RESEARCH!. I offer a couple of “work from home” opportunities on my blog and before I joined anyone of them I did my research, weighed my options, and determined that they best fit me. Every opportunity is not for everyone because not everyone has the same mind-set as you do.

“I’m not paying anything to start a business!”

I was told this from a prospect interested in earning a little extra income from home from one of my main programs and could do nothing but shake my head. The ignorance was very clear that he/she clearly knew nothing about running a business period. That is like saying ” I’m not taking a bath anymore”, You have to invest in your body and keep it clean for good hygiene for yourself and for anyone around you. Starbucks was created by 2 teachers and a writer; who were friends banded together  $8,000 of their own money plus loans to start-up their own coffee bean venture in 1971. Nine years later, Starbucks became the largest coffee roasted in Washington (ref.  Now you see a Starbucks pretty much on every corner and even in the malls now. My point is they invested in a dream, and although have passed and gone, they have left a legacy for their family all because they invested in their business.

“your just collecting money and telling people it’s for a job”

For starters that is illegal and honey I don’t do orange. It’s not a good look and not my color of choice.

Job -A Paid Position Of Regular Employment

Please note JOB means “Just Over Broke” and unless you have a degree your chances of walking in making over 100k a year is slim without any experience. Working for someone else is putting that corporation ahead and not putting the benefit of your hard work in your pocket.  Working for yourself will endure long hours just like a J.O.B but the rewards are far more great. So YES there will be start-up cost for starting a business you just have to research what is best for you. So next time you are offered a work from home opportunity or if you are currently looking for one, Please ensure you are doing your research, asking questions, and staying positive throughout the process. Don’t Knock anyone’s hustle just because you don’t understand!

I hope you enjoyed!

Talk Soon!

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