How is your week?! Ok i understand we have a Valentine's day, a Mother's day..but did you  know it is National Lipstick Day this Saturday(29th).


National Lipstick Day is recognized annually on July 29. For some women, lipstick is the only makeup requirement. Whether sheer and light or dark or bright, July 29 is a day for all kinds of lipstick. It was very popular with the ancient Egyptians. They put their eyebrows in black, they painted their eyelids. Cosmetics protected the skin of the Egyptians from the scorching sun and the wind of the desert.

Lipstick can change with moods or with the scenery.  Need a little boost to your attitude?  Punctuate it with your lipstick.

Did you know that on an average, an American woman spends around $15,000 for make-up throughout her life? That's a lot of money! Why not cut that into 40% or even 50%- That is what you will earn as an AVON representative- So your saving sooo much by buying your own makeup at a discount. At 40% you'd be saving over $6000. At 50% you'd be saving over $7500. How does that sound?


So you have already known, what day National Lipstick Day in 2017 is, but now we are going to bring to your attention to eight facts about this cosmetic remedy.

Some of them are really amazing even for those, who discover this question in detail.

  • In Ancient Greece, lips were painted only by representatives of the first ancient profession. Ordinary women never did it.
  • Have you ever heard that George Washington, the first US president, used lipstick in order to look better in public?
  • During World War II when the manufacture of all cosmetics was banned in Britain, Winston Churchill made an exception only for lipstick. That famous man was sure that it increased the population morale.
  • Elizabeth Taylor was really fond of red lipstick. She even demanded her characters to have red lips in all her films.
  • Believe you or not but the most popular products on the cosmetic market are not the red lipsticks, and even not the pink ones, but the colorless balms.
  • The specialists have already noted that the sales of lipsticks in beauty shops always increase on cloudy and rainy days.

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