The Ultimate Date Night Guide

The Ultimate Date Night Guide

Hello Lovelies!

Valentine’s date night doesn’t  have to be extreme or fancy. Share the love with these simple but yet romantic date night ideas that could go beyond just Valentine’s Day.

Some are simple as just going out to eat or if your a family of 4 like me taking time off to enjoy the day for yourselves while the kiddos are in school.

Eat In. Avoid the crowd of a restaurant and pick up your favorite dinner to go.

Relax together. Book a day at the spa or better yet arrange a day at home or at a hotel and give each other massage’s and enjoy the outcome after that.

Fun In The Sun. Remember back in the day when you’d go on a date and they would take you out on a little drive-Find a cozy spot to watch the Sunrise-Its a great excuse to cuddle up with your valentine.

Get Cultural. Break free and go to a museum or art gallery.It can spark interesting conversation and reveal more about you and your mate on how they see the world.

Spark It Up. Make sure the kiddos(if any) are in the bed or at least at a sitter while you wear something new to bed.(No Flannel!!!)

Go to the movies. A good’ol’fashion movie never fails.

Keep it light. No serious discussions about finances, kids, or criticisms.

Go Bowling. Challenge a game between you and your mate. Make It Fun!

Paintball. Rough it up for your mated and find a local paintball field and be loose.

Comedy Club. Enjoy each other with a few laughs.(Me and My Hubby Love The Improv-Check Your Local City For One)

Go Dancing. Find a local swing club or lounge and walk-it-out!

Have a board game night. Choose your favorite board game and play the traditional way or throw in a romantic twist.

Set The Mood. For this you will want the kiddos gone. Think candles. Think flowers. Recreate your own fine dining centered around your dining room.

Last Minute Stay-cation. Book a nice hotel in your local area and just relax. Just the two of ya’ll.

Do Something Adventurous. Skydiving(so not me) Bungee Jumping. Rock Climbing. Anything out of the Norm.

Take A Cooking Class. Do you love to cook? Explore gourmet goodies or take a local cooking class together.

Runaway. Plan a daring getaway just the two of you, No cell phones, No contact form others(unless you have kids-but hopefully they’ll be at a secure place).

DIY paint night. Are you creative? Do you love the arts? Make it a paint night.

Pack a Picnic. Make is simple and thoughtful. You don’t necessarily have to go to a park-Spread a blanket on the living room floor and enjoy some fun homemade treats.


These are just a few ideas compared to the 100’s that are out there that you can do. What did you and your mate do for Valentine? Be sure to post below!


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