Week 1-Surrender

Week 1-Surrender

Hello Lovelies! How was your weekend? Well Superbowl is over and now everything is back to normal. If you’ve been following- I recently began a grow group at my church called “I Surrender” a class centering on God and surrendering all aspects of your Life to him. Week 1 was a worksheet that consisted of 5 questions we each had to answer(Honestly)

Question 1

What are your goals for connecting to God(i.e. healing, focus, rest, etc)

Question 2

What is your mission? What will be your commitment?

To connect with God by……..

Question 3

What questions do you have?(For God and yourself)

Question 4

What do you need to release in order to have a closer relationship with God? And whats standing in your way?

Question 5

What will be your biggest challenge in connecting with God?

These questions are great with being honest with yourself and with God. Our biggest distraction is Ourselves and the inability to be honest with ourselves. I thought long and hard to answer these questions as honest as i could. Even tho my mind was telling me to back out-Don’t do it-But i did and will continue for the next 6 weeks!

Are You Ready For The Answers!

Question 1

My goals are to regain focus and guidance. Find out my purpose in life. Understand my financials and get out of this rut and to REST! I emphasize rest because being a mom of an active 7 year, recently diagnosis with ADHD and a 1 year old, My sleep has been very slim.

Question 2

My mission is to seek God whole-heartily and commit to my 6 week makeover

Question 3

Why does it seem like i keep digging myself further in this storm that i’m in?

Why can’t i get it right?

How can i change?

How can i over-come procrastination?

How can i grow closer to you?

Question 4

I need to release my mind, body, and soul in order to be closer to God. My lack of confidence and stepping out into the unknown stands in my way. Letting Go And Letting God-Is my biggest milestone.

Question 5

I have two small children and work a 9 to 5, so i get off late and by the time i get home after an hour of traffic-Its homework help(which is too late for her), bath, dinner and to bed. So time management is my biggest issue.

Week 2 of our class is this week and Sunday we were presented with a “Tool Box” with all of our lessons, devotionals, readings, weekly word, and daily prayers. I thought this idea was so NEAT! See below the box(I will decorate it later this week)

She also advised us to set up our theme cards somewhere we would remember and see daily as we start out our week. I placed mine on the wall near my office in my bedroom. See below!

Her Are The Contents Of The Tool Box Provided To Us!


Closing Remarks!

Surrendering is a process

Be open and honest with God

Surrendering is about spending time with God. You have to Study, Pray, an Meditate.

While surrendering Satan will try to attack your mind

Give yourself a break!



John 20:19,21

John 14:27

Philippians 4:7

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Here Are A Couple Of Questions To Keep In Mind

1. What do you need to surrender?

2. Why do you need to surrender this?

3. How has not surrendering this affected you/others?

4. What do you hope to gain bu surrendering this(i.e. peace, forgiveness)

5. What Is Your Prayer?


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